Welcome to the Boyle Laboratory!

The Boyle Laboratory combines systems biology, synthetic biology and computational models to advance our knowledge of metabolic processes in living organisms and engineer them to manufacture products of interest. 

  • Frontiers in Energy Research highlights the Boyle Lab research in a special Women in Science issue

    Here is the link to our publication describing our use of isotope assisted metabolic flux analysis to identify bottlenecks in the production of limonene for jet fuel in cyanobacteria.

  • Predictive Metabolic Model of Circadian Growth Published

    It is finally out! We have been working hard on developing a transient growth model of Chlamydomonas in diurnal light and it is now available in mSystems. Big shout out to Alex for the excellent work and for helping me come up with the clever title: Rhythm of the Night (and Day). I think we…

  • A lot to celebrate!

    Since Prof. Boyle was on sabbatical during the Spring semester, we had a delayed celebration for the lab upon her return. We headed to TopGolf today to celebrate our two newest Doctors: Alex Metcalf and Cara Sake, welcome our newest students (Sami Siska, Jacob Tamburro and Sandra Gomez), and the end of the semester.

  • The Boyle Lab welcomes 3 new students

    Three new students joined the Boyle lab today! Samantha Siska is a chemical engineering Ph.D. student from the University of New Mexico. She will continue our work on quantifying platelet metabolism. Sandra Gomez and Jacob Tamburro are quantitative bioscience and bioengineering Ph.D. students. Sandra received her bachelors degree from John Hopkins University in bioengineering and…